Buy Now Pay Later.

Current Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps often ignore the needs of the retailer with out of the box features and options baked in, leaving little room for personalisation to meet the specific needs of your customers. With our API connectivity you can have far more control over the services you want to offer, and we can design and deliver exactly the solution you need.

Point of Sale lending you can make your own

Our vast experience in the lending space and fully flexible platform mean we can support whatever innovative financial offering the vendor desires. BNPL is just another element that our modularity and flexibility means we can offer seamlessly to our clients, creating intelligent services and flexible products that directly address the needs of the customer. 

Our platform enables staff users to self-serve and create BNPL, Revolving Line of Credit (and other!) products and deploy them direct to customers. This can include a specific promotional period or totally free (i.e zero interest and no repayments) offerings, interest bearing but without payments (ballooning debt), interest bearing with payments (resulting in balance going above or below) or pretty much whatever else you can think of.

Your customers, your journey

Our quant layer allows users to price product economics, fees (if any) and the ability to service accounts, all in one place. From a utilisation perspective we have a flexible API that can be integrated with an existing front end service or used to model a standalone app so you can build exactly the journey you want your customers to experience. And once you’ve onboarded a customer, our API gives you access to all the information and actions you need to manage their account – from simple views of what’s left to pay, to detailed forbearance events to help customers manage their debt.

We also have strategic partnerships with key players in other services, so we can integrate things like AMLP, KYC and credit checking, to provide greater value and ease of integration for our clients.

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