Yobota turns 5

By Yobota

Yobota turns 5

A few years ago, I gave James King a call and said “I think I’ve got something you may enjoy working on“. It was the culmination of several conversations with the other founders in our soon-to-be-created company, and the early days of a vision to build the future standard of core banking infrastructure.

We have come a long way since the early days, when we had open design conversations in city pubs, Eight Members Club (thanks Andy, Jenks), Imperial, and anywhere else that made sense. How bland that experience would be in today’s locked down world.

Had we been starting today, we would have had a much harder journey ahead of us – the era of the new core banking platform is well and truly upon us, and anyone starting now has considerably greater competition than five years ago. Attitudes to cloud infrastructure, open APIs for financial data and the relative success had by several providers (including, us) have driven more attention towards modernising existing (“modern legacy”) systems and also exploring new business models such as Point of Sale lending and Banking as a Service. (BaaS) – there’s a lot more to consider!

We have built a very large platform that is resilient, extensible and ultimately proven in a highly regulated and sensitive industry. I cannot express the breadth of the scope we cover without concern I may miss something, and consequently do a disservice to the people on our team who built it.

From this year, we’re really opening our doors and taking our platform to market – a modern, cloud native core banking engine, built for great commercial results.

Our platform is quicker to deploy and easier to use than it ever has been, it provides more and more capability with each week that passes for the very broad markets we cover. This last year in particular has seen some very powerful changes introduced from our infrastructure up, which in turn enable some very exciting enhancements later this year that will give our clients even more power in Making Financial Services: Intelligent, Flexible and About You.

Yobota has been a labour of love, fuelled by persistence, determination and a laser focus on making our clients successful (starting with Chetwood Financial). It has, to the best of my ability, as well as the others in our leadership team, been led by example – and will forever continue to be.


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