Great challenges and continuity process

By Yobota

About a month ago, we started to ask our staff to take their laptops home every night and stay at home in case they felt unwell in light of what has been going on. This procedure gave our team the ability to work from home if well enough and when recovered. It also protected other members of staff and tested our business continuity process.

Two weeks ago, as the coronavirus started to show itself across the UK, we started asking several people from each team to work from home as we implemented part 1 of our business continuity plan. Last week, one of our teammates contracted the virus, and on advice from Public Health England, we decided to move to full remote working implementing part 2 of our plan.

Four years ago, Yobota started as a fully remote team of two. Now, there are 65 of us, yet the start-up “can do” spirit lives on.

Our team leads are making sure all our staff are healthy and accounted for every day. Teams are continuing to work hard to create the best new-generation banking system. Our customer-facing teams are also continuing to ensure our clients have every chance of success. All to make sure that the end customers have access to their bank accounts and other financial products.

No doubt, coronavirus has caused disruption, but with the right measures and contingencies in place, we are tooled up for remote working. Currently, we use Google Hangouts rather than meeting rooms, and continuously collaborate with our customers via Slack and phone calls. We proceed with new business and hiring operations. It is just a bit different on how we now approach them.

While some aspects of the current situation are predictable, others are not. Particularly, how long this period of disruption will last for and how this will change working habits going forward.

One thing we are certain of, at Yobota we will be making sure our staff have what they need to continue to work as safely as possible, that they are able to support the people they need to, and assist their communities wherever they can.

The next few months will require us all to carry on working together in our small pods as well as continue to do our part in the bigger context.

After all, with great challenges come great opportunities, and we do not shy away from those.

Wishing everyone all the best,
Yobota (all 65 of us)

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