From fintech office to the vaccination centre

By Yobota

Yobota Covid volunteering image
As the NHS continues with the heroic effort of rolling out the nation-wide vaccination programme, all of us need to follow the recommendations and guidelines to make this process as safe and effective as possible. Whether it is to help family and friends with booking vaccination appointments, wear face-masks or simply stay at home, and not put our health services under unnecessary pressure, we can all do our share of getting back to normal as soon as possible. Additionally, those with needed skills and experience can go the extra mile, change what they would do on a daily basis and actively support fighting the pandemic that affected all of us. Lucy Aerts, office manager and HR administrator at Yobota, is one of those brave individuals who decided to volunteer as a vaccinator via St. John Ambulance – the nation’s leading first aid charity.
Lucy Aerts administering Covid vaccine

I just want to give something back,” said Lucy, who was greatly supported by the NHS in the past. She also described the whole experience as extremely emotional, especially when meeting and helping the seniors who have been worried about their health for nearly a year now. “The whole thing was an incredibly humbling experience. The elderly people that come in are so grateful, some of them said: ‘I feel like you’re giving my life back‘”.

James King, the co-founder and COO of Yobota, adds “We are very proud of Lucy’s desire to use her skills in helping end the effects of this pandemic and we want to be supportive. The Government’s Flexible Furlough scheme provides companies a means to release colleagues for these valuable volunteering efforts without the employee having to use their holiday entitlement or the employee or employer having to accept what can be prohibitive financial cost. I would strongly encourage other businesses to support their team members that want to help out by using this scheme“.

The coronavirus has changed the way we live in a fundamental way. Things that we took for granted – like in-person socialising, visiting family, travelling or even sharing the simple watercooler conversation with colleagues remain unavailable until we solve this global challenge.

At Yobota, we sincerely hope that Lucy’s example can inspire others to think about how they can help, and consider taking action. No effort is too small and can truly make a difference for those who need our help the most.

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